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The history of Darbhanga dates back to the literature and writing periods; it’s among the oldest cities of province. in step with the sacred writing sources, the Videhas first migrated to the globe from the banks of Saraswati in Punjab; they were guided to the east of Sadanira (Gandak River) by immortal, the God of fireside. Settlements were established and, thus, flourished the dominion of the Videhas, the unselfish.

Shyama Temple
In the course of your time, Videhas came to be dominated by a line of kings known as Janaks. during this line of kings, there was a awfully illustrious king named Mithi. To commemorate his greatness the territory was named as Mithila. Another illustrious king was Janak Sirdhwaja, father of mythical being. The legends speak of assorted learned men patronised by Janak Sirdhwaja, UN agency himself was AN scholarly scholar. outstanding among them were Yagyavalkya, UN agency written the Hindu law in his Yagyavalkya Smriti and Gautam, UN agency had varied valuable philosophical treatises to his credit. King Janak was himself an excellent thinker and his ideas are evermore enshrined within the Upanishads, particularly within the Brihad-āraṇyaka Upaniṣada.

The name Darbhanga is that the mutated variety of “Dwarbanga”. That is, it’s the mixture of words “Dwar” (Gate) and “Banga” (Bengal) that means “Gateway of Bengal”. If one notices Bengali and Maithili, he can notice many an phonetic similarities notably within the main verbs of each the languages that ends with word sounding “Chhe”.

Some students say that Darbhanga was named once Dar (Dwar) and Bhangaa which implies broken gates. it’s assumed that the gates of the Qila (at Qilaghat probably) were broken (by cannons or elephants) in 1326 AD once Tughlak forces attacked the last freelance North Indian Hindu king.